Natural Basra Pearl

Natural Basra Pearl of 1.63 carats

A charming and very graceful Natural Pearl from Basra/Iraq that represents all that the Moon personifies! Filled with the finest lunar energies this gem has a wonderfully white body color! Fine top Quality Jyotish Gemstone because of even surface and no yellowish tinge. These two attributes make it very invaluable.

Supply of these rare beauties is nonexistent today and possession of these is the privilege of a very fortunate few! Age: More than 100 years and sourced from a private collection after a period of 2+years for a discerning patron who is a connoisseur and collector of fine Gems.

Natural Pearl Ring

Natural Pearl of 4.0 Carats

Featured today is a beautiful specimen of splendor- a natural and organic pearl of a whopping 4 carats and exactly so, set in sterling silver as a Moon talisman ring.

Note that the shape is a very endearing button, the lustre excellent and the color uniform without any distracting overtones. A fully natural, non-nucleated and undrilled Australian Pearl that has a calming Sattvik aura and shining Jyotish powers!

Natural pearl or moti or sachcha moti as it is known in Hindi, is the gemstone of Moon or Chandra graha. True that Moon is the significator of mind and can bring much peace, it can be the karaka for many other good things and benefits, depending upon its position in the individual's birth chart.

Australian Natural Pearl Pendant

Natural Pearl of 3.93 Carats

The natural pearl is one of the most beautiful gems of organic origin and has a unique appeal. Its soft appearnace and gentle glow about it, lends it a feminine charm...and why not! The natural Pearl / moti/ mukta is the gemstone of Moon / Chandra graha, the feminine element.

Featured is a beautiful Australian natural pearl of 3.93 carats, set in a sterling silver pendant that resembles the moon. The pearl is a radiant white with no overtones of any other color which, going by the sacred texts, make it premium jyotish quality pearl capable of delivering superior results. A true rarity indeed. It is a certified natural pearl that is accomapnied by a pearl radiography report ascertaining its completely natural origins.

This variety of natural pearl is formed by the mollusc Pinctada Maxima, in the South Sea, off the coast of Australia. Please note that this is a natural pearl and today there is a big boom in cultured pearls in that region too and are marketted particularly as the South Sea Pearls.

There are detractors, who opine that since cultured as well as natural pearls are made by the same species of mollusc, they should both be effective for astrological purpose that is, for planetary gem therapy. We beg to differ as more than half the weight of the pearl (the nucleus) is not nacre. Would only a thin layer of nacre, be able replicate the results of a real pearl?

Chandra Mani or Oyster Pearl

Oyster Pearl-The Divine Shankh Mani

At over 3 carats, this Natural Pearl from the Australian seas is a natural wonder! In these days a Natural Pearl is by itself rare and to get one at this size is rarer still! With translucence that is hypnotic and rose overtones which are charming, this Sattvik Pearl is aglow with the best of the Moon?s Jyotish powers! Set in a sterling silver ring and all set to grants its immense gifts!

The Oyester Pearl is formed by an accident of Nature, wherein a microscopic intruder or dust particle get lodged in the oyster and to protect itself from the irritation caused, the Oyster secretes Narce, which over time becomes a Pearl!

Fully natural & non-nucleated undrilled Pearl

Pearl of 2.09 carats set in silver Ring

An exquisite Natural Pearl with celestial beauty in its translucence! A pure white fully natural Pearl from the Australian sea with a rose overtone and the divine feminine powers of the planet Moon! A sattvik gemstone to harness the best Jyotish powers of the Moon! Has made a powerful talisman when set in this sterling silver ring!

Natural Pearl Talismanic Ring

Natural Pearl of 3.30 carats

The translucence of this pure and Sattvik Natural Pearl is so wonderful that one can view the rainbow of colours reflect from it when light shines on it! It is an awe-inspiring Pearl with mind blowing Jyotish energies! Sure to harness the Serene and calm powers of Moon when set in this talisman make of Sterling silver with the ancient symbols of Moon on the shanks of the ring!